The Acupuncture Practice Management System™  (APMS™)

Developed in partnership with a practicing Acupuncture Physician, APMS™ provides the tools to:

Support GMP regulations: track which patient received a given batch of an herb or prepared medicine; generate use by and expiration dates; labeling; and many other features.

Record herb, prepared medicine, and medical supply inventories by batch, source, and brand.

Create unique bulk, granular, or liquid formulas by patient and allocate herb inventory to formulas by batch. Automatically adjusts inventory on hand quantity as the formula is created. Print report for compounding and records. Print formula labels tailored to the type of formula (liquid, granular, or bulk) and the patient needs.

Capture patient history and current health data quickly using check boxes amplified by notes. You can customize the check boxes to suit your practice.

Record patient session notes; tongue observations (with pictures); pulse readings; observations by system; assessment/diagnosis, treatment principles, treatment plan, post treatment assessment - all customizable by you.

Schedule appointments by practitioner or patient in one or multiple 15 minute increments. Generates schedule reports and conflicts.

Attach pictures and other files.

Complete the HCFA 1500 form.

Establish minimum inventory levels. Recommends inventory replenishment orders.

Generate reports:

Print formulas with ingredients and expiration date for chart records.

Record services rendered to patients showing CPT and ICD9 codes.

Dispense prepared medicines by batch and track inventory.

Dispense medical supplies and track inventory.

Capture payment data by source and generate revenue reports.

View patient history - services performed, formulas mixed, prepared medicines dispensed, medical supplies dispensed, and payments made.

Get all the advantages of a relational database in a user friendly system. And much more...